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Always up-to-date information

Adorgo draws information from your product list, so if you change any value there, it will be instantly updated in your ad’s visual.

The advantage?

You don’t have to manually edit the text in your ad post when you change the price of your products.

No errors in the ads

Because the ad visuals are updated along with the information in the product catalog, there is no risk of typing errors or incorrect data.

The advantage?

Campaigns will always include accurate and up-to- date information on price, discount or stock availability.

Automated availability data

Take advantage of the missed opportunity and increase the demand for selected products, because Adorgo can also include the current stock quantity in the image.

The advantage?

In your ads you can communicate the actual availability of products or limited quantity so it encourages customers to buy a product.

Reinforcement of favorite products

Adorgo is able to customize the advertising visuals of your best- selling products and thereby boost their sales through PPC advertising.

The advantage?

Automated visual creation for your favorite products from the last day, week, or month is a matter of seconds.

No duplicate campaigns

For special campaigns such as discounts, seasonal sales or Black Friday, Adorgo automatically adjusts your ad’s visual appearance according to the duration of the promotion. Upon completion, it uploads the original visual into the same product catalog for you.

The advantage?

Automated visual creation for time-limited actions saves PPC managers time and does not disrupt the learning phase, that is important for the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Use of several images

Adorgo works not only with the main product image placed in the image_link parameter, but also with other images in the product catalog.

The advantage?

In addition to static visuals, your PPC ads can also include animated slideshows from multiple product images. However, Adorgo is able to customize the advertising visual for products with just one photo.

Administration of price display

In a standard view, product prices in Facebook ads are separated by commas. Amounts below 999euros are pictured normally, but higher prices are confusing: 332,349.13 FT.

The advantage?

Adorgo automatically rewrites the product prices according to the European standards. Customers will see 32 349.13 Ft instead of HUF 32,349.13

Examples of usage

Create a series of advertising visuals based on predefined graphics,
edit photos in feed (size, crop, add a filter...),
display various information in the feed or in visuals according to defined conditions,
adding new parameters to the feed, and repair of damaged or inappropriate parameters.

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