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Adorgo tool serves for mass formation of creative visuals for dynamic ads. Automatically edits and complements the visuals for dynamic Facebook ads improves the performance of PPC campaigns.

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About tool
Better graphics in ads

Better graphics in ads

Images are immediately automatically bulk edited into the graphic template that corresponds to a business visual.
Images are not being placed in the center of the ad with white background like usual ads, but they fill the ad space and add graphic elements with additional information.
This template can be delivered from you or custom made by us.

More different outputs for one feed

More different outputs for one feed

According to different values for different products in feed, tool can prepare different outputs.
Some products may contain additional information, e.g. value of discount or free shipping, which can be placed in the ad image.
Different dimensions of images can also be used on the same or more graphic templates.

Perfect product feeds

Perfect product feeds

Before working with the source feed, we analyze its accuracy and fix bugs that prevent the import of the products into the catalog.
Adorgo can fix e.g. missing required parameter (e.g. description),
too long product name, which cannot be used in ad due to character limitations,
transform capital letters to lowercase,
removes blank spaces within the text,
set correct number format…

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What is Adorgo tool?

A tool that your online marketers, PPC ad managers, social media managers and online agencies will love.

The information that Adorgo adds to the visual is derived from the product catalog. It can insert any available data into the advertising images -such as price, discount amount or brand logo without help of a graphic designer.

If you previously had to invest time and money into your ad design, Adorgo will do it in an automated way, all at once and much faster. And that’s why you really gonna love it.

Adorgo will take the current ads and improve their graphics

Adorgo will take the current ads and improve their graphics

Adorgo is not a template! Your ads can look like anything.

For whom is Adorgo recommended?

  • e-shops icon e-shops
  • booking portals icon booking portals
  • discount portals icon discount portals
  • travel agencies icon travel agencies
  • real-estate portals icon real-estate portals
  • automobiles used car sales icon car retailers

Benefits of the tool Adorgo

Why use Adorgo? Always up-to-date information, No errors in the ads, Automated availability data, Reinforcement of favorite products, No duplicate campaigns, Administration of price display and option for use of several images.

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